Ready or not, the holiday season is approaching before you know it! You have many details constantly running through your mind, especially if you’re planning business holiday events. One detail that you may not think of, however, is your plant and flower decorations. Luckily, at Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping we have everything you need in New Orleans plant rentals and maintenance to ensure a stunning corporate party this season.

Short Term Investment For A Lasting Impression

When choosing floral décor, the first step is to decide the perfect theme for the celebration. Consider the event objectives because whether it be a fundraiser, client appreciation, or a company/employee celebration—it’s always important to plan the theme around your attendees. For client appreciation events you want to have a formal approach, whereas employee celebrations or fundraisers will probably be laid back or fun. Either way, always remember your business’s mission, personality, and community culture when you decide on a theme. 

In the middle of all your planning, don’t forget to get assistance when you can! Billy Heroman’s are the experts to count on for all of your decorating needs. We don’t stop at accent plants and centerpieces and we always strive to come up with original décor combinations. Let’s craft a unique space together with our beautiful plants and other design materials, such as candles, lanterns, drapes, or even statues. With all of our creative possibilities, your dream event is one step closer to reality!

High Light Plants

Deciding on the plants to use largely depends on your venue. If your party venue is immersed in natural light, our designers will incorporate high light plants. One possibility is the Stromanthe Sanguine Triostar which is renowned for its interesting tricolor scheme. The top of their leaves is dark green and creme while the underside of the leaves produces vibrant maroon and pink, making it a great option for adding excitement. There’s also the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, an especially bright green and leafy plant. Consider using a lot of these for a soothing atmosphere.

Medium Light Plants

For a relaxed and casual event, consider plants with soothing colors of purple, pink, green or blue with our Echeveria (succulent) or Tillandsia (air plant) assortments. Colorful plants are available for more formal events as well, such as Orchid Mixes and Kalachoe.

Low Light Plants

Interestingly, plants that require the least amount of light tend to grow the largest. Our wide selection of Ficus, Palm, and other small trees are great for filling open spaces. A few of our fuller trees in this section include Bamboo, Ficus Monclame Bush, and Philodendron Pole. A design specialist will be able to help you decide which plants will fit your ideal event the best.

Feelings That Last All Season Long

Looking impressive décor to last all season? Contract with Billy Heroman’s of New Orleans for the proper plant rentals and maintenance to have your office or store flowing with flora for the entire holiday season. Additionally,  you shouldn’t have to worry about the details of proper plant care since our horticulturists have your back! We will water your plants based on environmental factors, fertilize to keep them green, and bright and prevent and treat insects or plant diseases. Your business will always look its best when you choose us for your New Orleans plant rentals and maintenance. At no additional cost, we will replace any plants that don’t stay healthy.

Get A Head Start With Billy Heroman’s!

The last thing you want to do is wait to plan your corporate event or run out of time to prepare your seasonal decorations. For New Orleans plant rentals and maintenance questions, please call 504-832-9999 ext. 5002. Get a head start this year and contact Billy Heroman’s today! Our sales and design teams ready to help your business look as beautiful as possible.