Plantscaping. We’ve used the word over and over again, but what exactly is it? More importantly, what’s the importance of it? Quite simply, it’s the careful planning and care of plants in your workspace. Plants are not only beneficial to you but also your employees and clients. So, what’s stopping you from getting some today? Contact Billy Heroman’s for the highest-quality plantscaping in southern Louisiana.

What Exactly Is Plantscaping?

To be frank, plantscaping is an art. More specifically, it is planning and caring for plants in a space. Whether indoors or outdoors, finding the right plants are essential. You and your clientele get so much back from having the right plants.

When working indoors, we make sure that our plants work around your space, rather than vice versa. However, with outdoor plants, the aim is to make a good first impression. Each case is different. Either way, Billy Heroman’s does our part to come in often to take care of these plants and you reap the benefits!

Why Should I Use Plantscaping?

Billy Heroman’s believes that adding plants improves your space in several ways:

  • Statistically, plants create a happier and less stressful work environment. Therefore, they can increase workplace creativity and productivity.
  • Plants clean and filter the indoor air we breathe. Having these plants around us is good for our health. Not only by breathing in cleaner air, but by setting off a chemical response in us.
  • Plants create a warm environment, which can keep customers coming back. People are more likely to visit places they deem as fun and exciting.
  • And many more ways!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Breathe in that air, it’s spring! Springtime is one of the most exciting times for plants. The saying “April showers bring May flowers” isn’t entirely true. Weather varies from place to place, but spring is the general time when many flowers tend to bloom.

As we say goodbye to the cold winter months, the warm spring air welcomes growing plants and flowers. Especially between the months of March and May, we will see more and more plants bloom. While they are pretty and can add a splash of color to your office or home space, flowers are also good for our mental health.

You see, flowers send various signals to our brain. Seeing or receiving flowers creates chemical reactions for us. Dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin are released, creating a happy response in people. Having this chemical response means that flowers are good for our moods—and our health.

Contact Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping Today!

If you’re in need of quality plantscaping, contact Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping today! We have eight locations across southern Louisiana: Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Hammond, Slidell, Covington, New Orleans, Houma, and Lafayette. If you’re interested in using plantscaping, feel free to request a proposal. We can’t wait to see your business bloom!