New Orleans Plant Maintenance: How To Find It

Finding the right company to offer plant maintenance in New Orleans can be tricky, as there are plenty of variables to consider. Not only the cost, of course, but also the quality of plant maintenance the company can ensure and their reputation in the city with customers.

Billy Heroman’s Plants has maintained a great reputation in New Orleans because of the high quality of work they insist on at all times.

Unique Challenges With Plants Maintenance in New Orleans

Billy Heroman’s Plants has seen the challenges inherent in plant maintenance services in New Orleans. There is more rain in New Orleans on an annual basis than almost any other place in the country. This means any plan for plants in New Orleans must account for increased precipitation, the possibility of hurricanes, and of course the sweltering heat we all know so well. However, these are just exterior maintenance issues—which make up the minority of what we have to deal with.

Interior maintenance makes up much more of our maintenance issues. This includes lack of natural lighting, inadequate lighting, and low humidity. These issues make up the majority of our maintenance issues.

We take great pains to ensure that our plant maintenance accounts for these issues and more. Our goal is to ensure plants look lively and remain healthy even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Making Plants Affordable

Renting plants for large events or for offices does not have to be an expensive prospect. Renting plants for the office or event through Billy Heroman’s Plants makes sense because not only do you get a higher quality of service, but it is affordable as well.

Start Renting Plants Today

Whether you run a small business, are in charge of the landscaping for a large corporation or commercial building, or are just running a one-time event, Billy Heroman’s Plants is the company to call to rent the plants you need.

Billy Heroman’s Plants is happy to help anyone with renting plants in New Orleans, contact us at 225-272-9051.