Appearance is everything when you’re a business in Lafayette. Nobody wants to go to a bland place, it’s just not inviting. To combat this, more and more places of business are getting plants and flowers to brighten things up. However, business owners find themselves often struggling with the upkeep these plants need. Luckily, Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping provides more than just selling plants. These include services such as plant maintenance. With our track record, trust us, you won’t find Lafayette Plant Maintenance services as good as ours.

Who Are Billy Heroman’s?

Why should you trust Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping? Billy Heroman’s is a family-owned business that was founded in 1955. Since then, we’ve spread ourselves across eight cities in Louisiana including Lafayette. Our Plantscaping business specializes in designing, delivering, and maintaining plantscapes. We manage both inside and outside of commercial buildings, government buildings, and homes. We take pride in our plantscaping work and hope for another fruitful 64 years! Our only hope that you remain along with us for the ride.

Lafayette Plant Maintenance

So, what do we mean by “Lafayette Plant Maintenance Services?” Well, many people find themselves wanting plants for their business or office. However, many end up finding themselves drowning in plant upkeep. Especially depending on the type of plant, maintenance can be pretty hard! And in this day and age where appearances can make or break a business, this is pretty important.

Appearance is only one reason why having well-maintained plants can define your business. Other reasons include:

  • Plants are visually appealing to people. By providing an inviting space, current and future clients feel more welcomed.
  • Well-maintained office plants provide oxygen and remove harmful Co2. This is a huge benefit for office spaces in the city, where oxygen levels are lower.
  • Properly maintained plants help reduce noise by changing the acoustics of the space.
  • Offices with healthy plants see lower stress and higher concentration levels in employees.
  • And more!

In Lafayette, we offer a plant maintenance service to keep your plants looking sharp! No matter the plant, Billy Heroman’s focuses on keeping your plants healthy and beautiful. It can be difficult to find someone who can really care for your plants. So, call Billy Heroman’s and struggle no more.

Contact Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping Today

Billy Heroman’s has eight locations across south Louisiana. To reach our Lafayette location, you can call us at 225-215-1059 or at [email protected]. However, to reach our other locations, you can call us at 225-272-9051 or fill out a proposal request here. In Lafayette, Plant Maintenance remains one of our most popular specialties, so you know we have you covered. We’re always ready to jump in with any plantscaping problem you may have.