Spring has officially sprung, meaning the season known for rebirth, flowers, and life is all around Louisiana. Yes, April showers bring May flowers, but what if you want to spruce up your indoor business plants? Revamping your indoor business plants may be the breath of fresh air your Louisiana business needs to attract customers after a grey winter. Billy Heroman’s Plants can help with that! Here are some plant recommendations based on your light level from our catalog to brighten up your business.

High-Light Indoor Plants For Your Louisiana Business

If your Louisiana business is overflowing with bright sunlight, invest in high-light indoor plants that thrive in sunshine. Luckily for you, there are plenty of high-light plants that are perfect for business. Billy Heroman’s Plants can work with you to find the perfect plants for your business. Both dracaena dorado canes and Pothos Poles are great if you need a verticle growing plant. However, if height is not the main interest for you, the lush aglaonema, Pothos Jade HB, and aspidistra are all lovely options. The English Ivy HB is a classy option. If you have container questions or planting questions, Billy Heroman’s Plants is here to help. 

Medium-Light Indoor Plants

If the light in your business is neither bright nor low, look at medium-light indoor plants. In recent years, succulents have become trendy because of their effortlessly cool style and easy upkeep. If you would like indoor plants that are more elevated and timeless, try delicate orchids and Chinese fan palms. For a pop of color, you may gravitate towards the bright hues in anthurium and bromeliadguz. And don’t be afraid to explore colored poinsettias beyond the holiday season! They can be an excellent choice for indoor business plants if you want a fun pop of color in your Louisiana office. 

Low-Light Indoor Plants

Don’t fear if you don’t have sunlight! You can still fill your Louisiana business with indoor plants. A classic choice for low-light indoor plants, the white bird of paradise is a reliable choice. Low-light buildings can also enjoy the trendiness of succulents. For a fun, playful addition to your business decor, you can add a Tarzan tree, ponytail palm, or fishtail palm. They live up to their playful namesakes with tropical leaves. If you are looking for height, bamboo won’t disappoint with its lush, tall stalks. The best part is that these plants thrive in low light. You don’t need to exclude yourself from the benefits of indoor business plants in Louisiana based on the amount of light available. 

Questions about Our Indoor Business Plants Or Want Help With Plant Care in Louisiana? Call us! 

Billy Heroman’s Plants has served Louisiana with outstanding plant care since 1955. For generations, we have gone above and beyond for our customers. Not only do we offer stellar indoor plantscaping, but we also provide plant maintenance. This way, you don’t have to worry about a thing other than enjoying the lovely indoor plants of your Louisiana business. No chance of ‘over or under loving’ them with water, or forgetting about them altogether. If you have any questions about what plants would thrive in your business or wish to hire us to care for your plants, call us! You can contact us at 225-272-7673 or message us online. Make your Louisiana office stand out to your customers this spring season with new indoor business plants.