Autumn is officially in full swing. It’s time for all the fall favorites we’ve come to love, such as corn mazes, cozy sweaters, and football season. With autumn celebrations on the horizon, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, your business should consider decorating for the festivities. It may be a surprise how decorating the workplace could benefit your business. Learn three ways holiday office landscaping can benefit your company with Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping

1. Holiday Office Landscaping Improves Morale

Placing colorful indoor landscaping around the office has been reported to help those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder as the days grow short and the summer plants go dormant until spring. Studies have shown that the presence of even one indoor plant can boost mental health, improve morale, and increase focus. 

Employers can go above and beyond while creating a positive work environment by adding a twist of seasonal flair for the holidays. Statistically, over 65% of Americans celebrated Halloween in 2021 and, according to a 2021 survey conducted by Statista, Thanksgiving has become the most popular holiday in America. So, taking the extra effort to show you care about their holiday celebrations is a great way of showing how thankful you are to your workers for all their hard work. It is the season of thanks, after all! 

2. Seasonal Decorations Can Help Create a More Personable Professional Persona for Your Customers and Clients

Most businesses make an effort to manicure their image for their customers. A first impression is very important, after all. However, decorating for the holidays can help your company stand out from the competition by adding warmth to your branding. As customers interact with your space, the familiar and welcoming sights of seasonal landscaping may brighten their day and help strengthen your professional relationship. 

3. We Do All the Work for You

Unfortunately, indoor plant care can be a big undertaking for those with a busy schedule. Pausing for daily plant care can ruin momentum or tighten an already overbooked agenda. For those born without a green thumb, merely putting aside time daily for plant maintenance may not be sufficient. The delicacy of many holiday plants requires experience beyond the common knowledge of plant care. It can be hard to justify investing in holiday landscaping if you must replace them frequently. 

Fortunately, holiday office landscaping doesn’t have to become a money pit for your company. Instead, professional landscaping companies like Billy Heroman’s can help you decorate your space to reflect your business culture. Our team uses their extensive experience in curating the perfect plantscaping to meet your needs. 

The best part? We take the responsibility of plant maintenance off your shoulders. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of holiday decorating without effort or stress. 

Ready to Add the Warm Tones of Fall to Your Holiday Office Landscaping?

The benefits of decorating your business for fall are just within reach. Billy Heroman’s has serviced Louisiana with the highest quality plant care since the company’s founding in 1955. This experience has helped us learn the best ways to make your space pop. We invite you to explore our gallery if you want to see some examples of our holiday decorating. For any questions, call 225-272-9051 (7673) or send us a message online. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with our autumn holiday office landscaping.