Every office needs a bit of plant life for that extra pop of color. But, did you know doctor’s office plants are especially important assets? Medical offices are notoriously stressful environments but plants are calming. After all, when patients walk into an illuminated waiting room full of ivy and ferns they are sure to feel a bit of relief. At Billy Heroman’s, our professionals work to create beautiful interior landscaping so that your patients will love the look and will look forward to their appointments!

Plants With A Purpose

We know your doctor’s office plants have a greater purpose than only a pretty view. Research proves that plants positively affect our psychology and even improves air quality. With interior landscaping, we can transform your stiff waiting room into a calming respite for your patients.

Healing Gardens

With all these amazing side effects, why stop at a few potted plants? Of the plantscapes we’ve seen in doctor’s offices,  the most welcoming have “healing gardens!” Although all gardens have positive effects, healing gardens take it a step further. Healing gardens are specifically designed to improve patient health. So you can immerse patients in a soothing environment and reduce their anxiety before they even step into your office!

Our Services

At Billy Heroman’s, we can create the essence of a healing garden by intertwining standard indoor plants with green walls and living art pieces. For example, we custom design Living Art pieces with moss, succulents, tillandsia, bark, stone, and more. 

Whatever interior landscaping you choose—we will work with you to choose from a variety of doctor’s office plants available. Bromeliads and other blooming flowers infuse bursts of color to liven up any room—Yes, even doctor’s offices!

But not all offices are the same—each has different light and size requirements. So our team comes onsite to discuss how to meet and exceed your expectations. You’d be surprised at what we can do to a space. Additionally, we recognize that allergies are a concern when it comes to doctor’s office plants, but don’t worry! We keep all your concerns in mind when drafting your proposal.

Of course, not everybody has the time or green thumb to care for these plants. That’s why our interior landscaping projects come with plant maintenance proposals, as well. These include water and fertilizer requirements, insects and disease control, and even cleaning. Furthermore, we promise to replace poorer plants at no extra cost. This way, we guarantee your new garden is always green, luscious, and delightful!

Let’s Get Started

Does your doctor’s office need a change? The new year is quickly approaching—It’s the perfect time to make one! We’re excited to team up with your medical office to strategically create a healing atmosphere benefitting your patients! Request your proposal today to begin your healing garden with Billy Heroman’s.