As a new season approaches, new varietals are being selected for office plants in Shreveport. Fall is many people’s favorite season because of the natural colors that come and go, as we enter into the holiday season. It’s a season filled with earthy tones, rich oranges and deep reds. Billy Heroman’s can help you get your business ready with potted plants, indoor gardens and desk decorations in time for this beautiful part of the year!

Selecting Office Plants In Shreveport The Holiday Season

How much do you look forward to all the pumpkin carvings and sweet smell of the pumpkin pies that Fall brings along? Although many of the activities that come with the season are seen at home, the office can also show signs of this harvest time. When it comes to the various floral arrangements and plants employees see, this is a huge opportunity for a more productive workday and a more enjoyable workspace.

Billy Heroman’s is here to help you create that spruce for the season with plants such as:

  1. Succulents: One of the more popular trends in recent years, and a great plant for this time of year is a succulent. It’s perfect for indoor light and only requires minimal watering. Plus, these plants come in a variety of shades, shapes and sizes. Add a simple succulent to any desk or conference table and you will quickly see your space come back to life.
  2. Chrysanthemums: A more floral and lively plant to try this Fall is a chrysanthemum. These “mums” are very popular for use in any space, and they come in tons of colors! They’re perfect for an extra potted plant in your waiting room or even on your reception desk to help greet customers.
  3. Russian Sage: With its natural grays and muted purples, Russian Sage is perfect for a simple pop of color in your office space. Fall is a great time to add this plant to your business and we bet you’ll even see customers giving compliments!

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