Bring the Outdoors In

New Orleans is known for its lush local landscapes and it’s what attracts many people to region. Moving from the peacefully, soft greenery of the outdoors to the harsh, florescent concrete of office buildings and shopping centers can be a jarring transition for workers, office employees, and shoppers, leading to lower performance and more stress. People don’t want to spend time in places that are uncomfortable and lacking in nature. Instead, they want to be surrounded by the outdoors. This is where Billy Heroman’s New Orleans plant maintenance service comes in.

The Benefits of Plants

By using a plant maintenance service in New Orleans, you can bring the rejuvenating power of plants and greenery to your office space or shopping center.

Statistically, plants have been shown to:

  • increase productivity in office workers
  • improve clients’ first impressions
  • improve customer satisfaction

With all of these benefits, using a New Orleans plant maintenance service will only increase profits for your business, whether it’s through happier and more productive employees or through happier customers who spend more time in your store.

How a Plant Maintenance Service Works

Once you decide that using a plant maintenance service is the right move for your business, the rest is simple. Our plantscaping team will design your new plantscape so that it maximizing all aesthetic and practical benefits. We will then install and maintain the plants so that you never have to worry about them. You’ll never come back from a vacation or long weekend to dead plants or have to worry about your “black thumb”. We’ll take care of everything, start to finish.

Who is New Orleans Plant Maintenance For?

So who can most benefit from using plant maintenance in New Orleans? Practically anyone. Office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and businesses throughout New Orleans have seen the benefits plants can make, and you can too.

We Want to Hear From You About Your Plan Needs

We love speaking with clients and recommending the best plant solutions. Whether you’re a large shopping center or small office, we want to provide you with the best customer service available. Contact us today or call us at 504-215-5002.