Every decorative detail is important for the overall aesthetic of your wedding—even the plants and flowers! For local experts, you need Billy Heroman’s in Baton Rouge for plant rentals to make your day extra spectacular. When you call on us for service, you can be sure that our florist is here to help match your color scheme, season, and budget.

Even if you know your color choices, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the options. Figure out what you like by making notes of your favorite shapes, textures, and styles of centerpieces and other statement decors. As you’re researching Baton Rouge plant rentals, take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with popular wedding flowers and greenery.

If you are working on a limited budget, for example, you should generally know what’s in season. Those that are out of season will be heavier on your wallet because they have to be specially ordered from greenhouses. If you have to fit into a certain color scheme, and your first choice isn’t in season, there are other options out there that look similar and will be more affordable for you.

Make A Statement

Lately, many wedding planners have experimented with potted plants to design unique floral arrangments for their brides. If any of these ideas inspire you, consult with your florist and venue to discover the most efficient way to similarly make a statement with Baton Rouge plant rentals.

  • Miniature topiaries, for example, have gained great popularity recently for their unexpected yet elegant style. They can be ivy, boxwood, myrtle, or—more recently—miniature olive trees and even fresh rosemary. Topiaries make great statements when arranged at entrances, as centerpieces, or aisle markers.
  • Suspended centerpieces are another fantastic way to make your centerpiece arrangements out of the ordinary. 


Tie It All Together

Create a huge impact by crafting together seemingly insignificant details to form a bigger, beautiful picture. 

  • Planters can be used to line the dance floor or other sections, depending on your venue. This can help coverup unwanted wiring, too!
  • The bar is a great place to add a bit of personalized decor. Incorporating a few floral arrangements and greenery with signage can make this popular spot pop!
  • Potted herbs also make charming centerpieces for dining tables. Bonus: they add subtle scents to the air, putting all your guests in a happy mood!

Get The Best With Billy Heroman’s

You deserve nothing less than the best on your wedding day! Billy Heroman’s has Baton Rouge plant rentals for you to be creative and make exactly what you want. To start the design process contact us at 225-272-9051 or fill out a proposal request.