One of the things that makes the holidays special is the decorating that comes along with them. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, you might be considering how you’re going to decorate your office. Indoor plants can bring holiday cheer to your office—but choosing the right plants for your space and keeping them healthy all season long can be daunting. Trimming a tree, for example, may be too time-consuming. And hanging decorations can be distracting for employees and customers alike. Why not let us handle the hard part? Billy Heroman’s Plant Services can help you make your Louisiana office merry and bright with our selection of holiday office plants. Find out what plants work best for you and your business.

1. Poinsettias

You can’t have a list of holiday office plants without including the star of the show. Poinsettias have a long-standing tradition of being the go-to Christmas plant, and for good reason. Their large, brightly colored leaves can make any office space seem more festive. Did you know that Poinsettias are not native to the United States? They were brought over in 1828 by Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett. Does that name sound familiar? You guessed it! This beloved Christmas plant was named after the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico who sent a clipping to his home in North Carolina.

2. Amaryllis

Next on our list is amaryllis. This is a winter-blooming plant that grows from bulbs. Its bright red blooms make it a popular choice for holiday home or office plants. Because Amaryllis grows from a bulb and blooms about six weeks after planting, now is the best time to start! Planting Amaryllis flowers in October will ensure beautiful red blooms in time for your office holiday party.

3. Thanksgiving and Christmas Cacti

For fans of succulents, these two are for you. These “holiday” cactus species make an excellent addition to any office space. Blooming from late fall all the way into winter, the Christmas cactus’ brightly colored flowers and scalloped stems make it a holiday favorite. Similarly, the Thanksgiving cactus touts deep scarlet flowers and blooms earlier in the season. If you are looking for festive holiday office plants that can withstand hot and cold Louisiana temperatures, give these cacti a try!

4. Holly

We know what you’re thinking. Holly trees can grow to be 50 feet tall, so how on earth could this be an office plant? While having a full-blown holly tree in the office may not be an option, wreaths and small shrubs certainly are. And here is a fun fact about this holiday office plant. Did you know that only female holly varieties will produce the brightly colored berries we know and love? While some varieties struggle to produce berries due to weather, age, or overpruning, the most common reason is that female and male holly plants were not planted near each other. So if you have a holly plant that doesn’t produce these red berries, your plant is likely a male!

5. Christmas Rose

This plant’s name is a bit deceiving. The Christmas Rose is not a rose at all but a member of the buttercup family. Named after its appearance in the snow-covered mountains, Christmas Roses look like wild roses with white petals edged in pink. These roses produce flowers throughout the fall and into the early spring months. If you are considering this flower during the holiday season as an office plant, know that it is not an indoor plant. Instead, it should be planted outdoors in a partially shady area.

Make Your Louisiana Office Merry and Bright With Holiday Office Plants

As the holiday season approaches, are you ready to brighten up your Louisiana office with festive indoor plants? Look no further. Billy Heroman’s Plants wants to help! We offer indoor and outdoor plant design services that are perfect for any office. Our team of designers and horticulturists is here to help craft the ideal office space for the holidays. Call 225-272-9051 or contact us online for a quote today.