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Popular Holiday Plants

Winter may keep you indoors, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy beautiful live plants in your home or business. With Christmas right around the corner, decorating with live flowers and plants is a great way to celebrate and bring the joy of the season to your guests. If you are wondering which plants will suit your space the best, Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping can help you choose which styles work the best for you. Using live holiday plants is a time-honored way to dress up a home, business, or public location–we can help!

Popular Holiday Plants, Holiday Plants

Some of the most popular holiday plants include:

  • – Poinsettias – The quintessential holiday plant, the Poinsettia has a history that dates back to 16th-century Mexico. The most popular variety of Poinsettia features bold red clusters with green undertones, but this versatile plant can be found in a wide variety of colors, including white, green, purple, and even marbled.
  • – Amaryllis – Bright, colorful, and just in time for the holidays, Amaryllis are a trumpet-shaped flower that are great for small spaces with limited room. They grow easily with a little bit of sun and a little bit of water, so Amaryllis are the perfect plant to sit on your windowsill and invite people inside.
  • – Norfolk Island Pine – Commonly used around the holidays as small Christmas trees, Norfolk Island Pines are a tropical plant that requires higher humidity and plenty of light.  After the holidays, and with proper care, Norfolk Island Pines will last for several years and provide enjoyment all year long. If you have the time for care, these mini-trees are a great addition for holiday decorating.
  • – Christmas Cactus – Quickly gaining popularity across the United States, the Christmas Cactiare another holiday tradition from South America. Known for its bright flowers, which often bloom in red, orange, yellow, and purple, the Christmas Cactus also features daisy-chained pods and will add a bit of flavor to your holiday decorating.
  • – Orchids – Both festive and exotic, orchids are a long-lasting holiday that will add a bit of elegance to any room. Available in a large variety of colors and shapes, holiday orchids are allergen-free and require minimal care. They also have the ability to bloom in any light, so there is no need for a window in case that is an issue.
  • – Bromeliads – A tropical houseplant, the Bromeliadhas gained popularity in recent years as a holiday plant due to its bright colors and hearty temperament. Much like orchids, Bromeliads can easily tolerate fluctuations in temperature, watering, and sunlight, making them the ideal indoor plant for the holidays when it is colder outside and we tend to get busy.



While working with Billy Heroman’s, your facility will be filled with high-impact, strategically placed holiday plant designs that are carefully maintained and serviced to ensure that your space always looks its best. Contact us today at 225-272-ROSe or fill out a proposal request. Once of our experience plantscapers will contact you and help you through the design process.