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Exterior Container Gardens

Appearance is everything and the entrance to your building makes your customer’s first impression.  Billy Heroman’s brings the same level of expertise, design, and attention to detail to exterior plantscaping that we do to interior and floral.  More specifically, we are ready to help you take the visual impact of your entrance, courtyard, pool deck or roof top to the next level utilizing one of a number of options. We’re experienced with creating exterior gardens, using containers or plantscaping.

  • Container Gardening: A decorative container, whether rustic stone, clay or ceramic makes an eye catching attraction when strategically placed and properly planted.  Our design team excels at creating container gardens that are overflowing with seasonal color and / or unique feature plant selections. Whether using two at an entrance, lining a circular drive, or creating feature groupings on a pool or roof deck, containers are a perfect choice for creating a lush, warm and inviting environment in your outdoor space.
  • Blooming Bed Design: Our horticulturists and designers are experts at creating annual flower bed plantings that add incredible eye appeal to your grounds. Vibrant flowers and colorful foliage plants add aesthetics that will please customers, tenants, and employees alike. We will help you decide the perfect plants for your outside beds based on season and light exposure, plus make sure the soil and drainage conditions are correct to ensure all of your plants will flourish.


Our Horticulturists and ALCA Certified Landscape Technicians are educated and trained in the care of exterior plants. After installation, many clients take advantage of our exterior plantscaping maintenance service.  With this service, a plant care technician will come by on a regular schedule to give your plants the best possible care.  Our satisfied customers agree that an exterior maintenance contract is the best and most convenient way to ensure that your exterior plants are always green, lush, blooming, and bright.  Specific features of our exterior maintenance service include:

  • Guaranteed Service.  With our guaranteed maintenance contracts, we guarantee to replace, at no additional cost, any plant that does not remain in a healthy, attractive condition. This assures a top quality appearance for your facility at all times.
  • Watering.  Our technicians can projectthe amount of water a plant needs based on environmental factors and water accordingly.
  • Fertilize.  We fertilize plants at a level to keep them green and healthy. If necessary, we conduct soil tests to determine the nutrient needs of larger plantings.
  • Pruning. Exterior plants require regular and seasonal pruning to promote healthy growth and proper shaping.  Our technicians are knowledgeable in when and how to prune each variety of plant utilized in order to enhance its health and appearance throughout the year.
  • Insect Control.  We use a combination of sprays, natural controls, and systemic insecticides added to the soil to control insects if a problem develops. Our maintenance staff is trained and licensed and/or registered to use pesticides.
  • Disease Control.  Plants are sometimes plagued by fungus, virus and bacteria problems. Our horticulturists are trained to recognize these plant diseases, treat them when necessary, and prevent them from occurring.
  • Cleaning.  Part of our service includes thorough cleaning of your plants. We dust and wash plant leaves on a regular basis. Plants with clean leaves are healthier because they get the maximum light available and are less susceptible to insect and disease problems.
  • Quality Control. In addition to the technician who will be assigned to service your account, we have quality control supervisors who will visit your location periodically to check the general appearance and health of your plants.